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I have been making, designing, teaching, selling or just hoarding Beads for about as long as I can remember now. I started out just stringing necklaces and playing around with dangly earrings using seed beads and a simple brick-stitch.  I became absolutely enamored with off-loom bead-weaving and sculptural beading and spent several years doing mostly that. About ten years ago, I opened a bead shop in a small town in Western North Carolina. Though personal considerations forced me to close it after just a couple of years, I still count it as one of the chief blessings and joys of my life.

Opening that shop was undoubtedly a move instigated by Spirit. I felt guided, and it felt so right. I had only just moved to that town —knew absolutely no one and no one knew me. That did not last long. Just renting the space, getting licenses, finding fixtures and decorating objects, and all the other myriad activities involved in starting a small business introduced me to a great deal of the town. As soon as word got around that a new shop was opening, other merchants and business people started popping by. Some to welcome, some to give advice or just to satisfy their own curiosity, but I soon felt as if I were acquainted with half the town.

My heart is still warmed by thoughts of the friends and customers I came to know and love through that little shop. I was figuring things out as I went, but I felt as much at home in that shop as in any place I have ever actually dwelt. I taught some classes, and soon found wonderfully talented teachers in the area to widen my offerings. I learned so much from these gifted women. I fell in love with polymer clay, and learned the intricacies of bead stringing that I had eschewed in order to concentrate on bead-weaving. I sold jewelry there, my own and that of other artists, and I stocked findings and such that I had never even heard of before having the store. And for all the work I put into that enterprise, and it was a lot, I got back so much more.

I still think about having a business again, even if it is online rather than brick and mortar, but in the meanwhile, here's some of my work:

Ascent Necklace- Peach & copper
Ascent-- Peach & Copper
Neolithic Debutante Necklace
Neolithic Debutante
Water Meets Sky necklace focal piece
Water Meets Sky necklace
Water Meets Sky
Clockworks necklace

Psychedelic Solar System necklace
Psychedelic Solar System
detail of Midnite & Moonlite necklace
Midnite & Moonlite Necklace Focal
Texas Sundown necklace
Texas Sundown
Stone Age Series necklace- Amazonite
Stone Age Series-- Amazonite
Stone Age Series necklace- Rose Quartz
Stone Age Series-- Rose Quartz
Starburst Necklace
Ascent necklace- red and black
Ascent-- Red & Black
Bracelet- 3 B's
3 B's Bracelet
Sequins Bracelet
Sequins Bracelet
Glass Grid bracelet
Glass Grid Bracelet detail
Glass Grid Bracelet
Huichol Lace earrings
Huichol Lace Earrings
Crystal & Pearl earrings
Crystal & Pearl Earrings
Blue Moon hollow beaded bead earrings
Blue Moon Earrings
Sweetheart Drop Earrings
Sweetheart Drop Earrings

These are just a few of the jewelry pieces I have on hand at present. If you would like more information on any of these pieces email me and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

 One of my necklace designs above-- Ascent -- has been featured in Bead & Button Magazine and two other of Kalmbach Publishing's books.

Though my interests are wide ranging, I have devoted more time and energy to the art of bead-work than any other.

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