One of my favorite activities is working with images my own, clip-art, or collected art from old ephemera, etc. Whether it is with Photoshop or Illustrator, or any of the plethora of image editors that have become available for our mobile devices and tablets, I take great delight in this process. It can be as simple as tweaking a photo to bring out its hidden beauty, cleaning up the scanned image of an old  faded photo, or creating something altogether new from disparate digital elements, I truly do enjoy the challenge. I am not an artist by any means. There are so many practitioners of this relatively new art form whose work totally takes my breath away, that I remain in awe. It is one of life's joys for me, so I am including examples of my work here. Some of it is just for my own entertainment, and some for printing out to be framed or displayed. I often do tutorials presented by those more expert than myself, and when I have time I like to design my own cards for various occasions. 

Telling Faery Tales
A collage of photos, clipart, textures and brushes.

Vintage Case collage.
A collage created with both Photoshop and Illustrator.

Witching Moon digital art
A Photoshop tutorial completed using photos & brushes.
Sketchy Kitchen
A photo taken with my phone and finished on computer.

Bobbi-- from a 1950s photo
A clipping from a 1950s b&w photo, colorized by me.
A card for Dad
A card cover made with one of my photos and Photoshop.

PJ in the summer
A photo of my granddaughter enhanced on Photoshop.

Gaia-- Class of 2012
Digital Collage-- a graduation announcement for my daughter.

In the Studio-- Antique Oak Dresser
Antother photo that began on my phone and was finished on the computer.
Mother's Day Card
Card Cover for Mother's day 2013
Granddaughter-- my photo enhanced and manipulated with android phone apps and Photoshop.
Kay-- Autumnal
Digital collage with photo, textures and brushes.

Merry Solstice money card cover
Clip art image enhanced with filters, brushes and other techniques.

Photo taken with android app phone filter and finished in Photoshop

All the images on this page are owned by me. You are welcome to Pin them, but if you want to use them for any other purpose, please contact me for permission. I hope you enjoyed browsing some of my work.

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