Why-- A Glitch in Time?

The evolution of this blog has been interesting, for me at least. It is about Time, from some perspectives, and it is about our (my family) life here at the House. The rhythms here are still not ingrained in me. I am struggling to align myself with this place at this time; it is part of my Past certainly, and my Future seemingly, but I have still not settled into this Now completely. I set the tone and activity of my life by Spirit's direction, straining to listen to that still, small voice and to See what is being pointed out to me. But that does not mean that my daily life is not very ordinary in many senses. I make art, I cook, I clean and garden, and all of those other little domestic activities that make up life. I do some digital design work and maintain a website, in addition to this blog, and I am still not certain what I think of modern technology.    

I am a little obsessed with clocks.
 And a lot preoccupied with the flow of Time. 

While I am very aware that time is to a great extent an objective dimension, that each individual's perception of its passage is colored by their own experience, activity level and quality of same, I am still quite certain that the flow has changed drastically within my lifespan. I know that when you are bored, time lags, and when you are busily engaged in any undertaking that you enjoy or feel pressed to complete, it seems to literally fly by, but my own experience of time, at least, has been very much more profound than that.  I truly think that the Earth Herself has changed. Since mass and gravity are the contributing factors in Time's progression, and there have been rumors and statements from the Spiritual Community for years now about a planetary Shift in Dimension, it's really the only conclusion I could come to.
Time Flys
However, it is my firm belief (Notice that I say my belief. I'm not trying to prove anything here. This is just my opinion. If others disagree, that's fine by me.) that our experience of time has been accelerating for some (should I say it) Time now. Within the duration of my own memory, there have been a couple of jumps intervals where the speed up was abrupt rather than incremental. The last and most dramatic occurred from my perspective about 2005. I have yet to catch up, but I have been cautiously optimistic just lately. It seems that Time (at least for me :-) has slowed up a bit.

Ultimately, just as I think that Time has sped up alarmingly, and may now, in fact, be slowing down, I also believe that Time will even out, that we (humankind) will either catch-up or adapt, that some larger Plan will reach its fruition. But not perhaps without another, or even more than one, Glitch in Time. Also, I realize that since the Past and Future are no more than reference points in our own cognition, memory and projection (Hope?), there is really only Now.

We need to refrain from trying to relive or rewrite the past, and from attempting to shape or control the future. If we live each and every day as if this is all we have, the past becomes a pleasant reflection and the future irrelevant to a great extent. We have Now-- an unfoldment both fraught with adventure and possibility. There is Time Enough.

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