February 25, 2015

Moving On— O Deer

One More Sunrise

One more Sunrise

It's true that I have posted numerous pictures of the sunrises here at The House since I began this blog a bit more than two years ago. Since the first thing I do most mornings is open the blinds on the large east facing window in our kitchen, I cannot help but notice the first light of the morning, nor can I resist grabbing my camera and going out to photograph the more glorious displays the rising sun projects on that swath of sky. This may be the last one I show on this blog (or maybe not). I am not presently certain of the direction, if any, I will take A Glitch in Time in.

As I have hinted at in previous posts, I am beginning a new website along with my daughter Gaia and Grandgirl Kaylah. We will very shortly be opening an Etsy Shop also, hopefully to sell some of our arsty, crafty wares. At least, I will if I can get out of in front of the computer for long enough. Planning and implementing a new website is rather work intensive. There are seemingly a million little details to attend to, and I still have quite a few to get to.

By Any Other Name-- O Deer
After letting this blog go wherever it pleased, using it for self-reflection, a personal sounding board, experimental and experiential arbiter, and an exploration of my Spiritual direction or lack thereof at present, I have decided on a direction. More or less since the three of us cover a lot of creative territory. We are calling it a Lifestyle Blog. We will explore the Home as a center for an Artful Life. Creating in the Studio, the Kitchen, the Garden and beyond, to thoroughly explore the homely arts, the adventure involved in learning new skills and the fun that HomeMaking can be.

We are just getting started, but we are looking forward to trying some new things, revisiting crafts and art that we have not tried in awhile, showcasing our recipes, art and photography, and so much more...

The three of us would be most pleased if you would visit us in days to come at our new home— www.O-Deer.com

Let us welcome you to our new home...

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