September 18, 2015

September Wedding

Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Longfritz

Megan & Steven Longfritz September 5, 2015

I haven't posted on this blog for way too long, but I lost the last month or so of the summer in a haze of worry, stress and trips to the hospital. My Dad, who was gravely ill this summer, is recuperating at home now and hopes to begin making some short visits to work soon. In the interim, I seem to have fallen even farther behind in my various endeavors than usual. A flurry of Summer's end family social events has been part of the mix also. The first weekend  of September was the long awaited Wedding Day of my handsome nephew Steven and his lovely new bride Megan. The very next weekend was occupied by a Baby Shower for my granddaughter Alyssa. 

Peyton the Flowergirl
My adorable granddaughter was the Flower Girl

I took quite a few photos at the Wedding and have decided to share some of my favorites here.

Thusfar, I have not been able to jump onto the Autumn Bandwagon. I know that my apathy toward what is becoming an annual Fall Frenzy of Pumpkin Spiced foodstuffs and drinks, and to my mind, premature decoration with pumpkins, etc., is living in Florida. Pumpkin Spice latte is not nearly so enticing when it is 90 degrees out. 

Since the calender will actually declare it officially the Autumn Equinox in just a few days, I guess I had better begin to adjust to the inevitable ;-)

Riverside Pavilion
View from the deck of Riverside Pavilion in Port Orange, FL
The day of the wedding was rainy. The weather let up at the last minute and chairs were hurriedly returned to the deck of the Riverside Pavilion in Port Orange, FL where the wedding took place.

Longfritz Wedding Photo Collage

Best Men!!!

First Dance
First Dance

Mother- Daughter Dance
Mother- Daughter Dance
It was a lovely wedding and a wonderful evening. It was such a treat to see family members and friends that have been absent for awhile. The reception was filled with great food and drink, enjoyable visiting and celebrating, and a good deal of very energetic dancing.
Wedding Cake
Wedding Cake made by Tina Meyer

These were just a few of the highlights of this lovely day. Congratulations to them both. I wish them a long and happy life together! Many Blessings!!

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  1. Gwen,
    Congrats to the happy couple!! Thanks so much for stopping by!!



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