December 9, 2014

Say Hello... Part II

Introducing Kaylah

River Watch

I am sure she will turn around in a minute. Kay spends a lot of her time either behind or in front of a camera. The first image in this post was from a local shoot she did last summer. She sends me quite a few photos, and doesn't mind if I use them in my work or otherwise have some fun with them. I actually like the post-production phase of photography even more than taking pictures. Kaylah loves to take pictures, so we just might have the makings of a team.

Kay with Glasses
This then, is my beautiful and talented Granddaughter Kaylah. Anyone who saw the last post introducing my beautiful, talented Daughter Gaia might notice that they appear to be close to the same age. Gaia is the eldest by a bit more than a year. Kaylah is however, taller by several inches and has been for much of their lives. While Kay is as outspoken as Gaia is introverted, both of them love clothes (though their styles are completely different), art, crafts, photography, animals (particularly cats) and my cooking. As of yet, neither of them seem inclined in any culinary directions, though Kaylah does work at a restaurant presently.

The Faces of Kay
The faces (and haircolors) of Kay
Kaylah is naturally a blonde, but quite willing to try something new occasionally. She plans on becoming a cosmetologist, and to specialize in make-up. She has been experimenting on her sisters as well as herself for years. I have been amazed again and again at the films and photographs she has been making since she was still in elementary school, using home-made props and her willing siblings to fuel her creative drive. Like Gaia, she has a genuine talent for drawing and sketching but is pulled in other directions of expression.

Kay-- Deer make-up

 Using her face as the canvas Kaylah is always pushing the limits, looking to explore different means of envisioning and making art. She is very contemporary but impossible to categorize. I laughingly describe her as a bohemian, rock-a-billy, new spiritual, millennial. That is a beginning perhaps, but she has depths I still would not even try to classify.
Oh Deer!

Here, posing in front of mine and Gaia's photo wall for the recent Halloween Barn Party is Kaylah's version of a Woodland Deer Princess.  I just loved the floral antlers.

The photo at left is another example of a collaboration between Kay and myself. She did an afternoon photo shoot of her younger sister and sent me several of the images. I did this version of Nat as a Little Angel in Photoshop.

Take a picture...

Behind the Camera
Kay may possibly be one of the pioneers of Selfies She was taking them and sending them to me long before that phrase was ever coined, or at least long before I'd heard it. Not only is she the Mistress of maneuvering a camera or smart phone around so as to get the best shot, but she mastered the use of the tripod and self-timer for photographs while still a child.
She is currently in love with vintage cameras, particularly Polaroids, and is the proud owner of several.

Another of Kaylah's favorite pastimes is Thrifting and shopping at vintage stores. Her eye for spotting a collectible bargain is just as good as her photographer's eye. She has surrounded herself with all sorts of kitschy and very fashionable goodies that she has found on these shopping expedtions.

Kaylah Up Close

I look forward to working with Kaylah in the year to come, both in the Etsy Shop we plan on opening and in doing the art and design for the website I want to create along with the shop. No matter what direction this endeavor takes us, I know that we can only expect new and amazing things from Kaylah in the years to come.

I hope to do one more post before Christmas, but just in case...
Happy and Blessed Holidays to all

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