September 17, 2014

A New Look

Head in the Stars



I have been as busy, as always, lately. Summer may be winding down, but the chore list certainly is not. I can feel that not quite so hot undercurrent in the air, the slight lessening of humidity, that is an indicator, at least to the native Floridian, that autumn approaches. It is not anything the tourist or casual onlooker would ever notice. But summer is drifting towards its sizzling finale nevertheless, to be replaced by the wildly uncertain season of fall which may carry more than a hint at the chill of winter one day, only to be scorchingly hot the next. It is a tumultuously uncertain time of year here. We still must remain on our guard lest a late season tropical storm or hurricane form off the coast, but we know that the Wet season and our omnipresent afternoon thunder showers will soon give way to drier, and some years, even arid, days.

The garden beckoningWhile in many parts of the country gardeners race the cyclical clock to get a cool season crop finished before winter's blast, we have the opportunity to plant a second garden now. Once the heat lets up we still have ample time to plant many things that would be considered summer crops elsewhere. To that end there are flats of herb and vegetable seedlings out on the Garden House porch, as well as trays of cuttings to be potted up or put in the garden. These chores are calling even now, and I hope to get much done before the end of the week.

Tomato Flat
Even as I contemplate putting in the fall garden, and look forward longingly to the time when the grass quits needing weekly mowing, we are working on plans for the Halloween Barn Party, and trying to get organized for a garage sale early next month. Since the house we lived in previous to this one had no garage (only a partial basement area, a covered porch and a damp, drafty cellar), tools, household DIY equipment and all the sundry yet necessary items to running and maintaining a home and vehicles, were relegated to nooks and corners wherever they would fit. Having moved into a place with not only a very large garage, but also barn, tractor shed, and garden house, we were awash with storage opportunities but still short on organization. I co-opted the garden house, and there all of my yard tools, pots, fertilizers, etc., etc. have settled in. The barn, while roomy, is not as  handy to the house as the garage, and while larger and less used items occupy it along with the tractor and lawn mower, the rest of our clutter settled into the garage. Since my Better Half has always wanted a wood-working shop, he has also acquired more tools and equipment since we moved here. Until recently, it has all been scattered about fairly randomly, but with the garage sale looming and His workbenches completed, we are in the midst of organizing.

Larry's Work Bench
Larry's Workbench-- Isn't it Pretty?
Organization is an ideal very dear to my heart. Though I seldom feel that I am ever sufficiently organized, and when I do get something that way, it tends not to last very long, I never quit striving toward that particular exultant state.  What can I say, except to explain that being surrounded by a clean and organized living space thrills me no end. However, realist that I must remain, I not only know that it is transitory, but also that I do not have sufficient time or energy to make it so in all areas of my life. I saw (pinned)  a quote on Pinterest the other day that really spoke to so many things that have bothered me for some time now, and it really got me thinking about my own life and general complaints about same.
 I realized this week that I just cannot do it all. So I will choose to do what I can fabulously.    --Clinton Kelly Quote
 It is perhaps neither as profound or as Spiritual as the inspirational quotes that I usually pin are, but it is so elegantly true, hits so close to home, that I resonated with it.  So just perhaps, there is a Spiritual element to it. I can never do all that I wish too, but I should do what I can with joy, pleasure and flair. It is my Life— that makes it personal, so certainly I have a choice as to how I approach it and how I experience it. Time to smile and do It with an open, accepting heart.

Morning Glory
To that end, I have been doing some organizing, some changing, and some sprucing up in multiple areas of my life. I am working hard on my attitudethe body, mind and spirit that make up the me who has to get up every day and do it again. And in that same vein, I am in the process of doing a bit of re-organization and design updates to this blog. I will freely admit that design is my favorite part of any web project. However, in keeping with the general mood I am striving for in my daily life,  I also felt that a bit of lightening up was in order. I still have some work to do, but I hope it is more uplifting and happier in tone, and when I am done, more organized and navigable.

Another new feature I have added is the Bloglovin button in the side bar. If you do not know about this amazing site, and you read blogs on a regular basis, you really should check it out. 

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With a Bloglovin account you can follow and keep track of all your blogs in one place, and find lots of new ones tailored to your own interests and taste. Just go to Bloglovin to follow my blog.

Veggie signs on the garden house porch
If you are a regular visitor, please let me know what you think of the new look and changes in this blog. And if you are a new visitor, hello and welcome. Come on up on the porch, grab a chair and stay awhile. Make sure and and say Hi. I would love to hear from you.

Blessings and bye till next time.

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