October 29, 2013

Almost All Hallows

Thrifted folk art witch.
Thrifted Kitchen Witch
Greetings to all and sundry. This is just a quick update on our progress toward the post-Halloween Barn Bash we are hosting on November 2nd (Saturday). We are in the midst of a flurry of decorating, sewing and other projects around here. I am almost finished with my steam-punk-goth costume which started out as a black evening gown from Goodwill. Hopefully, it will look alright. I did not think to take pictures before I started, but I will do some of the finished product. My daughter is busily making a saved box she found in the garage into "Luggage". She and her brother decided to do Terry Pratchett characters this Halloween and are coming as Two Flower and Wizard Rincewind from his Discworld series. My daughter and I also made the candelabra pictured below as a joint project. We saw it on Pinterest, and though my Pin did not include instructions, we figured it out as we went. We are quite pleased with the results.

Black Halloween Candelabra

I thought I would put up some pictures and give everyone a peak into these preparations. Hopefully, I will post again after the party with more pictures and information. I will start the brief tour of our party plans and ambitions with the cover of the Invitation. We recently revisited the Rocky Horror Picture Show, so it was in my mind when I designed the invite. The quote and text on the front are from that movie :)

Halloween Party Invitation
Halloween Party Invitation 2013
Before Barn collage

The Barn was dirty and cluttered—and it still is, just less so. It is a barn. We had already put in quite a few hours before I decided I wanted to take pictures, but we still had a good ways to go. That first day was strictly cleaning, rearranging, hauling off garbage. By the end of the day, I heaved a sigh of relief that at least there was a chance that I could pull it all together the way I wanted to.

Main area of barn

It was worlds cleaner. We consolidated all of the odds and ends that could not be moved out, in a back corner, and cleaned the room where the old refrigerator is.

Back room

I put a lot of the sundry items that had occupied the back room shelves in the hanging cabinets and shoved all else in a corner where it could be quite handily covered up.

Work in progress-- firepit

Meanwhile, out in the yard between the house and barn, we are working on constructing a fire pit. I have to go get more materials to complete the project. Hopefully, there will be roasting of marshmallows and such on the chilly fall and winter evenings to come.

Spider Web window at end of barn

Everything is starting to come together nicely, I think. I still have not actually lit it up at night to get the full effect, but I am pleased so far.

Lighting up the barn.

Yes—the tractor and lawn mower are still in the barn. However, they are ready to move out of the way at a moment's notice. I love the lights. Makes me wish I could just leave them all the time. I used orange over the buffet tables, but went with white for the main barn area. Not only are the white lights brighter and cheerier, but I can recycle them in just a couple of weeks when we start decorating for Christmas.

Buffet Table

As I said, I will try to get together more pictures and post after the party. I have lots to do in the meantime. Food to make, and too many projects to finish. Hope you have a spooky, fun and safe Halloween.

Halloween Decorating

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