September 18, 2015

September Wedding

Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Longfritz

Megan & Steven Longfritz September 5, 2015

I haven't posted on this blog for way too long, but I lost the last month or so of the summer in a haze of worry, stress and trips to the hospital. My Dad, who was gravely ill this summer, is recuperating at home now and hopes to begin making some short visits to work soon. In the interim, I seem to have fallen even farther behind in my various endeavors than usual. A flurry of Summer's end family social events has been part of the mix also. The first weekend  of September was the long awaited Wedding Day of my handsome nephew Steven and his lovely new bride Megan. The very next weekend was occupied by a Baby Shower for my granddaughter Alyssa. 

Peyton the Flowergirl
My adorable granddaughter was the Flower Girl

I took quite a few photos at the Wedding and have decided to share some of my favorites here.

Thusfar, I have not been able to jump onto the Autumn Bandwagon. I know that my apathy toward what is becoming an annual Fall Frenzy of Pumpkin Spiced foodstuffs and drinks, and to my mind, premature decoration with pumpkins, etc., is living in Florida. Pumpkin Spice latte is not nearly so enticing when it is 90 degrees out. 

Since the calender will actually declare it officially the Autumn Equinox in just a few days, I guess I had better begin to adjust to the inevitable ;-)

Riverside Pavilion
View from the deck of Riverside Pavilion in Port Orange, FL
The day of the wedding was rainy. The weather let up at the last minute and chairs were hurriedly returned to the deck of the Riverside Pavilion in Port Orange, FL where the wedding took place.

Longfritz Wedding Photo Collage

Best Men!!!

First Dance
First Dance

Mother- Daughter Dance
Mother- Daughter Dance
It was a lovely wedding and a wonderful evening. It was such a treat to see family members and friends that have been absent for awhile. The reception was filled with great food and drink, enjoyable visiting and celebrating, and a good deal of very energetic dancing.
Wedding Cake
Wedding Cake made by Tina Meyer

These were just a few of the highlights of this lovely day. Congratulations to them both. I wish them a long and happy life together! Many Blessings!!

July 10, 2015

Where Bloggers Create ~ 2015

Welcome to my Studio/Office Space

Where Blggers Create 2015

Well, time certainly does fly. Another year has sped past and here we are again, getting ready for another episode of Where Bloggers Create the annual link up party hosted by Karen Valentine of My Desert Cottage.

This will be my third year participating in this awesome venue. I have so enjoyed the previous two years. Though much has remained the same since last summer, much has changed also, not just in the Studio, but in life itself. I have not devoted much time to this ( A Glitch in Time) blog since early this year. My daughter Gaia and I, along with some help from granddaughter Kaylah, have started a new website called O Deer. It is dedicated to exploring the fusion of an Artful Lifestyle and Making a Home, and as a platform to promote our new Etsy Shop... 
O Deer Mercantile.

Work Room - An Overview
Work Room- An Overview
Studio Work-space & Storage 2015
Since Gaia, who is new to both blogging and Where Bloggers Create, does much of her designing, dreaming and sewing in her own room though we have frequent meetings and work sessions in the StudioShe will be representing us on the O Deer Blog this year while I feature my Studio here. I can't wait to see what she comes up with.

I know that if you are a regular participant, you have seen my Studio/WorkRoom, but I do have a number of new pieces in here this year, and I have attempted to change up the perspective from previous years, and to show items that I may have neglected before. No matter how many photos are taken, at least in my case, I find that I have left something out or neglected an interesting angle.

My space is full of used, recycled, reclaimed and thrifted pieces. My taste is so eclectic that perhaps it really doesn't match, but it makes me happy, so I suppose that is better than some imposed harmony.

I have quite a few pictures, so we will just start around the room— 
Vintage Letter Holder
Vintage Letter Holder on Shelf

Books, Magazines, Paper Supplies, Lace, Tools, Findings, Photo Props
and Found Objects all have a place on these roomy shelves.

Utility Shelf
An old metal shelving unit from the Barn was spray painted and conscripted for
use as storage for Etsy Shop stock, packaging and so forth.

Window Seat

The wicker sofa I had in front of the window last year was in bad shape, and took up more room than I really could spare, so it has been relegated to the back yard as Garden Art. I still haven't found time to make a new cushion for the old wicker chair above. I have had it for years. The bar cart was a salvaged piece of furniture, and my first attempt at using chalk paint. I am actually quite pleased with it.

The bar cart is a catch-all of metal storage boxes, baskets of fabric
and a couple of thrifted novelties.
Glass House

I found the Glass House at a thrift store on half price day. I was short on cash that day, and almost passed it up. I would have had to if it were full price (take a guess how much I paid), but I am so glad I didn't.

On the Wall

More thrifted and salvage pieces, on the wall and on the shelf. I painted the shelf and the unfinished thread rack I found at a thrift shop for a couple of dollars. I used decoupage on the back of the shelf, just for fun.

Curious Cabinet
Close-up of Curious Cabinet
Hoops and Baskets
Hoops and Baskets
Embroidery Hoops
Embroidery Hoops~ I've got lots of them. Some are quite old.
Wall Basket
Basket filled with Sewing and Needlework Misc.
Vintage glove forms
Vintage Glove Forms
Antique Oak Dresser
Antique Oak Dresser holds fabric and other sewing supplies.
Dresser Top

Both of the Singer Sewing Boxes were found in Thrift shops. The old, hinge lid Uneeda Biscuit tin was also a thrift shop find. I came across it in a box of fifty cent tins in a shop in western North Carolina.

Metal display with paint
This metal display was found at thrift store~ originally silver plated,
 but the silver was in such bad shape that I painted it.
New Desk

Those who have visited my Studio before will have seen my computer and printer crouched on top of a tiny desk, leaving me almost no work space. I looked at both new and used furniture shops, and really never found anything I liked to replace it that would be within my budget. My Sweetie has been doing some woodworking since we moved here however, and offered to build me a new desk for Christmas (2014). I was thrilled. I picked a style I liked online, and he did the design and built it. I wanted desk-top space, and lots of it, and an open table feel. I have a couple of crates that serve as storage in lieu of desk drawers, and I could not be happier.
Desk Storage
Desk Storage in a Versatile Crate

Desk Top
Room to Work and Organize Files.
I love the old mid-century metal office organizers like this file holder,
and have an assortment of pieces around my studio.
I found the El Dorado Cigar box at a thrift shop for 50 cents just as I was cleaning out my old desk. It was the perfect place to stow away small items like USB cables, flash drives and notepads.

El Dorado Cigar Box

Hanging Mood Board
Hanging Mood Board with post cards, design ideas, paint chips and clip art.
Glitter Tray

I loved the idea of using salt and pepper shakers for glitter, and since I had already bought a few, I began looking for interesting ones in the thrift shops. The cake stand is another thrift shop find.

View of Antique Oak Desk

It may seem like two desks in here is a bit much, but I could actually use another work station. Always a lot going on in here. And I am as in love with this roll-top beauty as ever. The two antique loom heddles hanging above it were from a salvaged factory loom that I actually used years ago before its advanced state of dry rot made it impractical.

Magnetic- Vintage metal tray
A vintage metal tray used as a magnet board.
Antique Sheep
Eclectic Desk top vignette. I raised sheep years ago when I lived on a farm,
and once had an extensive collection of figurines.
Yarn Basket and Old Singer Sewing Machine
Yarn Basket tucked beneath table. The wooden case contains my
vintage reconditioned Singer Sewing Machine. 

Christmas Corner
The Christmas Corner
Vintage Suitcases
Vintage Suitcases. The big Samsonite case is filled with fabric.
I really do have material stashed everywhere.
Christmas in July

We have come full circle. The big white shelves are where the tour began this year. I always have an assortment of Christmas ornaments and knick-knacks sprinkled around the Studio, partly for display and because I find things at the thrift shop and don't feel like putting them away in the attic with the rest of the Christmas stuff. 

I hope you have enjoyed this year's tour. I have certainly enjoyed the chance to show you around. It is a labor of love, and since most of the time no one but my family gets to see it, the opportunity to show off a little is irresistible.  Thank you for your time, and thanks again to Karen Valentine for hosting this event. If you don't already follow her blogs and her awesome Pinterest Boards.

I am going to end this post with a view out the back window. This room was originally the Living Room when this house (my first post Coming Home talks about the early days here at The House) was built some 45 years ago. The Picture Window gives both the advantage of lots of natural light and difficulty in photographing it because of too much light. There were heavy blinds in place when we moved in, but they cut me off from the world, so I removed them. With a southern exposure, I still need something to filter the light however, so most of the time the semi-sheer curtains (I had lace ones, but found some I liked better) are pulled across. However, the view of our yard, barn and garden is awesome, so I am going to close with a peek out the window...
Studio Window
Picture Window

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